FirstNation puts a very strong emphasis on cyber-security. Many of our competitors — including Blue Cross and their web of subsidiaries — have consistently been the target of successful hacking where the most sensitive information about their clients have been compromised. These cyber-security attacks, according to public records, have impacted ~ 100 MILLION Blue Cross clients. (See references.)

  • Our data is secured at a fully-secured, 24/7 monitored AT&T Data Center.
  • It has never been hacked and takes proactive measures to interrupt attempted cyberattacks.

Annual Cyber Security Audit


Each year we will provide our clients with an annual cyber security audit prepared by industry-leading firm Ernst & Young that will show how our commitment to cybersecurity translates in our daily service for our clients.


Anthem: Hacked Database Included 78.8 Million People


Excellus BlueCross Hacked; 10.5 Million patients affected

CareFirst Blue Cross Hacked – Up to 1.1 Million patients affected

FirstNation Health

We are a licensed Third Party Administrator and brokerage firm established in response to the needs of the Native American business community to better understand the complex financial angles of a Healthcare Benefit Plan.

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