FirstNation Health was created in response to the needs of the Native American business community to better understand the components of a Health Benefit Plan and the costs associated with each. With a thorough understanding of the health insurance industry and the health care delivery industry, along with the financial planning industry, FirstNation has developed insurance and financial management techniques designed to analyze and disclose every financial aspect of a Health Benefit Plan to any tribe or business, and to solicit proposals from vendors in each service category to ensure that the final cost of the Plan is competitive and responsive.

FirstNation Health is a licensed Third Party Administrator which believes total transparency and disclosure in pricing are the keys to understanding all of the variables that explain HOW and WHY we are able to find such significant savings for our partners. By identifying and analyzing every financial angle of a self-funded plan through our broker services, our single goal is to simplify the complexities of this massive industry and to make the process of working with us fun and easy. (Yes, we said fun: ask us how).
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Employee Benefits
What Separates Us from the Others

We are truly independent and have no pre-arranged allegiances to anyone but you – our self-funded partner. Many of our competitors who are multi-billion dollar corporations do not have your best interests in mind; FirstNation has your best interests as the heart of our business success.
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Brokerage Services
Hiring the Right Broker is Vital

Hiring the right broker is absolutely imperative because your broker should be providing you with the level of expertise required to identify every financial angle of your Health Benefit Plan including the design that best suits your specific needs.
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Get Healthy Now
Helping You with a Healthy Lifestyle

Find tips and links to useful resources that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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FirstNation Health

We are a licensed Third Party Administrator and brokerage firm established in response to the needs of the Native American business community to better understand the complex financial angles of a Healthcare Benefit Plan.

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