Transparency & Disclosure


FirstNation Health believes total transparency and disclosure in pricing is the key to understanding all of the variables that explain HOW and WHY we are able to find such significant savings for our partners. By identifying and analyzing every financial angle of a self-funded plan through our broker services, our single goal is to simplify the complexities of this massive industry and to make the process of working with us as simple as possible.

Validate Our Success

In order to validate our continued success in aligning our interests with our clients who fund the self-funded plan, we offer an independent satisfaction survey to make sure that we continue to get feedback because the key decision makers for any group deserve the peace of mind that the employees are fully satisfied. This is vital because we have learned that most of the time a dissatisfied employee suffering with a claims processing error will not report the problem to HR because they are already grateful for health insurance and we have — unfortunately — built in an unhealthy level of pain tolerance for health insurance-related errors — pain we simply accept.

FirstNation Health sets a higher standard — one which will give you peace of mind while also saving you a significant amount of money without cutting benefits, while providing additional value with an ongoing human to human interaction built on trust, transparency and expertise guiding you through this massive, highly complex and ever-changing industry.

Annual Cyber Security Audit


Each year we will provide our clients with an annual cyber security audit prepared by industry-leading firm Ernst & Young that will show how our commitment to cybersecurity translates in our daily service for our clients.


Little River Band of Ottawa Indians and It's Employee Welfare Plan vsBlue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
"Plaintiffs recently learned that, contrary to their contract and numerous specific claims reports, BCBSM skimmed additional administrative fees from the Plan assets LRBOI provided on behalf of the Plan to pay claims. Also, BCBSM has been collecting more than the Plan is required to pay for MLR eligible claims and has paid Medicare-participating hospitals amounts in excess of MLR for such claims. BCBSM's misappropriation of Plan assets is a clear violation of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 ("ERISA"), 29 U.S.C. § 1001, et seq. In fact, as explained below, BCBSM's scheme has already been adjudicated by the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit as fraudulent and unlawful. Plaintiffs bring this suit to recover the misappropriated funds and obtain all other relief to which they are entitled."

FirstNation Health

We are a licensed Third Party Administrator and brokerage firm established in response to the needs of the Native American business community to better understand the complex financial angles of a Healthcare Benefit Plan.

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